Soon, TangoTalks with María Valentina will be back with more heart-to-heart interviews with some of the most renowned personalities in the tango world!

Soon TangoTalks will air across all six RT streams, as follows:

Wednesdays at 7pm on RT Radio

     Thursdays at 11pm on Solo Para Milongueros

          Fridays at 3am on Oigo Tu Voz

               Saturdays at 7am on Tangódromo

                    Sundays at 11am on Valsecitos Soñadores

                         Mondays at 3pm on Meta Milonga

If you want to listen again to any of our past interviews visit our archives:

TangoTalks Season 3 (2017)

          TangoTalks Season 2 (2016)

                    TangoTalks Season 1 (2015)